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Low Energy Hi Bay Solutions

Dramatic energy and maintenance savings can now be obtained by replacing Metal Halide or Son lighting with a wide range of options. Low Energy Hi Bay units can be obtained to suit any specification and budget. By simply replacing the current lights "Point for point" will enhance the workplace and improve the bottom line. Although the Carbon Trust is no longer available other funding is now in place to help SMEs obtain the goal of reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

Hi Bay LED units dramatically reduce running costs whilst offering similar lighting levels as a 400w lamp. Although they are relatively expensive a payback can be easily achieved within twelve months. The main advantage of an LED unit is they offer a flicker free instant light and extremely long lamp life (50,000 hours).
Induction Hi Bays are the latest addition to this collection. Although induction lighting was invented almost a century ago it has only recently appeared on the market. It too offers instant light at a reduced wattage, increases visible light due to the bandwidth of light offered and extremely long lamp life. (Non dimmable)
T5 Hi Bay units seem to be the most flexible and cost effective solution on the market. They offer "Instant strike" can be occupancy controlled, dimmed during daylight and can incorporate emergency lighting to a lighting scheme. These benefits can also be controlled by a remote control allowing a client to tweak lighting levels without the need to hire expensive access equipment.

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