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Fluorescent Lighting

Retrofit Modular Panels

Retrofit LED modular panels for replacing 2' 18w fluorescent tubes in most standard false ceilings. 600mm x 600mm fitting, the thinest LED modular panel available on the morket. Lightweight design which sits on the T-bar without the need for additional support from the ceiling.

LED Modular panels offer significant energy savings when compared to standard fluorescent panels. A standard 600x600mm fluorescent panel costs £42 per year whereas a 26w LED panel costs £9 per year (based on 5 days, 12 hours a day at 12pKW/hr).

Energy efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes, features include:

  • Instant illumination
  • Lightweight - no need for additional support
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Wattage: 26w
  • Warm white 4000k
  • LED: 372 x CREE
  • Lumen output: 1580
  • LUX at 1m: 1100
  • LUX at 2m: 690
  • Emergency lighting options available

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