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LED Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting and low-energy lighting. It is highly energy-efficient offering up to 94% savings. Many of our LED lamps / tubes are suitable for retro-fit installation and new builds. LED lighting is particularly suited to commercial applications such as office lighting, shop lighting and window displays, etc.

LED lights / tubes are an ideal replacement for inefficient halogen lights.

  • Up to 94% off running costs REDUCE your energy bills
  • LED Lights last 50,000 hrs REDUCE your maintenance costs
  • LED lights emit very little heat REDUCE your air-conditioning costs
  • LED lights run at low temperature REDUCE your fire risk

Retrofit LED Modulars

Retrofit LED modular panel for replacing 2' fluorescent tubes in most standard false ceilings. 600mm x 600mm fitting, the thinest LED modular panel available on the morket. Lightweight design which sits on the T-bar without the need for additional support from the ceiling.

LED Modular panels offer significant energy savings when compared to standard fluorescent panels. A standard 600x600mm fluorescent panel costs £42 per year whereas a 26w LED panel costs £9 per year (based on 5 days, 12 hours a day at 12pKW/hr).

Energy efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes, features include:

  • Instant illumination
  • Lightweight- no need for additional support
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Wattage: 26w
  • Warm white 4000k
  • LED: 372 x CREE
  • Lumen output: 1580
  • LUX at 1m: 1100
  • LUX at 2m: 690
  • Emergency lighting options available

If you have a project specification we can provide an LED solution.

We offer businesses and commercial property owners a tested lighting solution and provide impressive savings on lighting costs. Energy saving LED lamps represent the latest technological breakthrough in low energy lighting systems, with white light LEDs and high power LEDs available; we can devise a payback schedule at a very competitive price.

Our range of LEDs is designed to replace and improve upon commercial applications such as offices, window display and many outdoor applications. A wide range of colours is available, including white light and colour changing LEDs.

Our lamps and tubes are dimmable and fit into the majority of traditional fittings.

Lamp Equivalent Chart

Lamp EquivalentsHalogensCFLsLEDs
Life Expectancy2,000 to 5,000 hrs8,000 to 15,000 hrs30,000 to 50,000 hrs
Kilowatt/hrs pa x 1 Lamp (h per year = 8760)306.6 kWh96.4 kWh32.4 kWh
Health EffectsUV rays, IR effects, SAD SyndromeUV rays, IR effectsNo UV, No IR
Specialist Disposal (WEEE)Non domestic only (to Landfill)Yes (Compliance with WEEE Directive – Specialist Disposal)Non domestic only (recyclable)
Colour RenditionRestricted colour options or Filters RequiredRestricted colour options or Filters RequiredWide range of colours
DimmableYesRestricted PossibilityYes
RobustnessSensitive, BreakableSensitive, BreakableRobust, Solid State
Start-up TimeAlmost immediateDelayedImmediate
Cost of OwnershipHighLowLowest
RecyclabilityLandfillspecialist DisposalRecyclable
ContaminantsReasonably SafeMercuryNone = Safe
Light Efficiency10-30 lumens / watt60-70 lumens / watt40-60 lumens / watt
Energy Efficiency10%40%90%
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